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Acquire a Canadian virtual phone number and break free from the constraints of expensive, feature-limited traditional communication methods. Enhance your presence in Canada, regardless of your location.

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Make Calls to Canada
from Anywhere

With a virtual number from Canada, you have the capability to stay
connected at all times, no matter where you are in the world.

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Make and receive calls from Canada

Send and receive SMS

From anywhere in the world

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Over 50+ Powerful Business Phone System Features with LimePhone

When you acquire a Canadian number from LimePhone, you receive more than just a phone number. You also gain access to robust calling tools.

Improve performance

Automate tasks

Generate more sales

Improve customer loyalty

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Powerful Features with your Canadian Business Phone Number

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Multiple Devices & Apps

Make and receive calls with your +1 Canadian number from any device

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Custom Greetings

Personalize your greetings, voicemail message and hold music with LimePhone

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Call Recording

Record all the business conversations from your +1 Canadian number and store them securely

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Categorize your calls correctly with automated greeting and call routing

The Canadian Market is Growing

Canada boasts a thriving $2.1 trillion (USD) economy, ranking ninth globally. Strong international trade and a highly skilled workforce fuel this success.  

To tap into this market and build trust with Canadian customers, secure a local phone number. It establishes a virtual presence, ensures listing in local directories, and can significantly boost response rates for cold calls and ad campaigns – all essential for businesses aiming to grow in Canada.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Select your +1 Country Code Number in Canada

When it comes to building trust and reaching new customers in Canada, a local Canadian phone number is the key.  It establishes a virtual presence within the country, making you appear familiar and reliable to potential clients, vendors, and partners.

Canadians are also more likely to answer calls and respond to messages from local numbers, boosting your responsiveness and credibility.

Get a Canada Virtual Phone Number

Manage and assess agent performance from a centralized dashboard.

Mobile, web, and desktop applications

Call logs and recordings

IVR and call forwarding

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Build Your Local
Canadian Identity

Enhance local reputation

Drive local advertising

Increase pick up rates

Set local working hours

All the business features you need in one platform

Work Number



Two Way SMS

Call Notes


Avoid Spam

Caller ID


Call Recording

Call Forwarding



Connect with your favourite apps

Easily integrate and automate your workflow. Discover your favourite apps that LimePhone integrates to help sync contacts, track conversations, and analyze calls.

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