Get Toll-Free Numbers For Business

Embrace the ease of communication with toll-free numbers. Make your business accessible to customers without any call charges.

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Boost Your Brand Image

Set a customizable Caller ID to your mobile number and enhance your professional image and credibility.

Expand Your Business Reach

Access your virtual mobile number on multiple devices, ensuring you remain connected even on the move.

Efficient Call Management

Route incoming calls to different numbers or users based on pre-set rules, ensuring no important call goes unanswered.

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Call routing

Advanced Call Routing

Enjoy the flexibility of advanced call routing. Distribute incoming calls across your team efficiently, ensuring no customer call goes unanswered.

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Works on all your devices

Just install and login on all the phones you use.
Swap the devices you use as often as you need.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Smart IVR

Auto Attendant

Automate your call answering with IVR. Route callers to the appropriate department and ensure a seamless customer experience.

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Separate work and personal

Keep all work calls, messages, contacts, and communications
within the LimePhone app.

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Chose a new phone number, divert to your mobile and start receiving calls, whatsapp and text in no time.

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