LimePhone GDPR Policy

LimePhone has always taken the security of your data seriously, and with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018, we have updated our internal processes, security measures, and terms and privacy documents to ensure compliance with this regulation.

Privacy and Data Handling Tools and Processes

Right to object (opt-out)

You can easily add a contact to the Do Not Disturb list to stop any outbound calls or texts to the mentioned contact. Your customer can even text you Stop to opt out of any future text messages.

Right to be forgotten

With LimePhone, deleting a contact will permanently delete all data related to that individual. You can delete any contact from your LimePhone Address Book.

If your customer (data subject) wishes to exercise his/her Right To Be Forgotten under GDPR, you can do so by:

  • Deleting his/her contact information on LimePhone
  • Deleting all call recordings related to his/her contact
  • Adding the contact to the DND list (so that no one from your team can ever contact that person again either via call or text)
  • Writing to the LimePhone support team for double confirmation.

Right to rectification

You can access and update your LimePhone account settings at any time to correct or complete your account information from your account settings page. You may also contact LimePhone at any time to access, correct, amend, or delete information that LimePhone holds about you.

Right of access

All of the data collected on contact is easily accessible within the LimePhone platform. LimePhone has an extensive privacy policy that describes what data LimePhone collects. If your customer (data subject) asks for any information related to his/her data (under GDPR), write to LimePhone at

Right of portability

You can export out all the call logs, text messages, contacts, and even port out phone numbers from your LimePhone account. You can always contact LimePhone's 24/7 chat support if you need any help. Else, you can write to LimePhone at and LimePhone's support team will help you with your query within 24 hours.

Data Transfer

LimePhone may transfer, process, and store Personal Data collected through the Services in centralized databases and with service providers located in the US and Europe. The US may not have the same data protection framework as the country from which you may be using the Services. When LimePhone transfers Personal Data to the US, LimePhone will protect it as described in this Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

The Service is hosted in the United States. LimePhone will comply with GDPR requirements providing adequate protection for the transfer of personal information from Europe to the US. Also, LimePhone may transfer your data to the US, the EEA, or other countries or regions deemed by the European Commission to provide adequate protection of personal data in connection with storage and processing of data, fulfilling your requests, and operating the Service.

Data Controller and Data Processor

LimePhone does not own, control, or direct the use of any of the Client Data stored or processed by a Client or User via the Service. Only the Client or Users are entitled to access, retrieve, and direct the use of such Client Data. LimePhone is largely unaware of what Client Data is actually being stored or made available by a Client or User to the Service and does not directly access such Client Data except as authorized by the Client, or as necessary to provide Services to the Client and its Users.

Because LimePhone does not collect or determine the use of any Personal Data contained in the Client Data and because it does not determine the purposes for which such Personal Data is collected, the means of collecting such Personal Data, or the uses of such Personal Data, LimePhone is not acting in the capacity of data controller in terms of the European-Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, “GDPR”) and does not have the associated responsibilities under the GDPR. LimePhone should be considered only as a processor on behalf of its Clients and Users as to any Client Data containing Personal Data that is subject to the requirements of the GDPR. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, LimePhone does not independently cause Client Data containing Personal Data stored in connection with the Services to be transferred or otherwise made available to third parties, except to third party subcontractors who may process such data on behalf of LimePhone in connection with LimePhone’s provision of Services to Clients. Such actions are performed or authorized only by the applicable Client or User.

The Client or the User is the data controller under the Regulation for any Client Data containing Personal Data, meaning that such party controls the manner such Personal Data is collected and used as well as the determination of the purposes and means of the processing of such Personal Data.

LimePhone is not responsible for the content of the Personal Data contained in the Client Data or other information stored on its servers (or its subcontractors’ servers) at the discretion of the Client or User nor is LimePhone responsible for the manner