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Streamline inbound and outbound calling, maximum agent performance and scale your business with modern virtual phone numbers.

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Business Hours

  • Date & Time Conditions
  • Multiple Time Conditions for Specific Dates
  • Scheduled Call Forwarding

Call Analytics

  • After the Call
  • Before the Call
  • During the Call

Call Masking

  • Connect your campaigns
  • Increased security
  • Revenue leakage

Call Recording

  • Analyse call recordings
  • Get Quick Access
  • Quickly select

Call Routing

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Phone and System
  • Route Calls

Call Staking

  • Custom Message
  • On Hold
  • Receive Multiple Calls

Call Transfer

  • Keep your Customers Connected
  • Keep your Customers in the Loop
  • Start with the right foot

Concurrent Ringing

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Quicker response time
  • Simplified calling

Conference Call Analytics

  • Access to their own usage data
  • View Usage Details
  • Works out of the box

Conversation Scheduling

  • Make scheduling easy
  • Maximize customer experience
  • Schedule call-backs
  • Smooth out call spikes

Custom Hold Music

  • Bearable with Great hold Music
  • Get a Chance to choose music of your choice
  • Upload an MP3 from your computer

Identify your qualified customers

  • Customer Intention
  • Customer Ticket History
  • Customer User Information

Inbuilt CRM

  • Call History
  • Import Contacts
  • Personalize your pipeline

Incoming Numbers

  • More than one Number
  • Purchase numbers
  • Replace Numbers


  • Be Noticed
  • Get to your Callers
  • Interact with the Callers


  • Convert traffic into sales
  • Generate more Leads
  • Integrations

Lead Intelligence

  • Don't miss a thing
  • Identify Prospect
  • Keep your focus

Lead Notifications

  • Email notification
  • Hubspot Notification
  • Slack Notification

Lead Qualification

  • Always connect with your prospects
  • Forget about leasing equipment
  • Talk to the Qualified leads

Outbound Calling

  • Automate your Efforts
  • Only Call in the right moments
  • Reach More Customers

Real Time SMS Notification

  • Fast Delivery
  • Information-Rich
  • Mobile-Friendly

Team Management

  • Call routing
  • Grant access
  • New team members
  • New Teams

Two way SMS

  • Calendar Integration
  • Customer Interactions
  • Dedicated number

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