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Get unlimited calls/texts, organize contacts, two way sms and slack integration that works from any device.

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Local Numbers

Grow Your Business Locally. Get a local phone number in any city and instantly connect and build trust with customers in your target market.

Toll-Free Numbers

Go Nationwide, Grow Your Business.  A toll-free number makes your business look bigger, more established, and ready to serve customers across the country

Business Whatsapp

Use a dedicated phone number for WhatsApp Business to maintain a professional image and easily manage customer interactions

Keep personal and business calls separate.

Your business phone number combined with a complete virtual phone system.

Text or call your customers

Choose your own second phone number and always know when a customer is calling.

Never miss a call.

Take multiple calls at the same time by routing them to another phone or team member. All your business contacts in one place.

Auto reply to text and calls

Forward unanswered calls to Index, and reply automatically with a branded text message to keep the conversation going.

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All the calling and messaging features you need

Divert your calls

Forward calls from your virtual number to anywhere in the world.


Easily create voicemail mailboxes for users or teams.

Number transfer

Keep your existing number and benefit from lower call rates.


Send an automated text reply to any missed calls or messages.

Manage users

Online dashboard to create and edit users

Protect your privacy

With your primary number separate, LimePhone lets you stay safe and anonymous whenever you need to.

High quality calls

Reduce costs with inclusive calling to UK and US landlines and mobiles.

Two way texting

Send and receive text and whatsapp using your virtual number.

Welcome message

Create advanced touch tone IVR call menus for inbound calls.

Advanced routing

Set random or simultaneous dialing sequences.

Receive calls on web

Receive incoming calls direcly on your web browser from anywhere.

Add or remove users

Easily add and organise users with the admin dashboard.

Call recording

Meet compliance with state of the art call recording and AI.

Custom caller id

Choose the number you want your customers to see when you call.

Voicemail transcription

Receive a transcribed email of voicemail messages.

Missed call alerts

Be notified instantly of missed calls on text, email and slack.

Call analytics

Online dashboard to analyse peak times, missed calls and more across your business.

Call forwarding

Direct calls to another number at no extra cost.

Forward to SIP

Direct calls to an external SIP device.

Time of day routing

Schedule your own office, holiday and out-of-office hours with professional greetings.

Call notify

Keep track of certain phone numbers and receive an email notification when they call.

Simultaneous ringing

Set your desk phone, laptop and mobile to all ring at the same time.


Route calls to different users or teams based on conditions.

Call waiting

Have the option of placing a current call on hold and receive a new call.

Do not disturb

When activated, your phone will not accept any incoming calls.

Team Texting from a Shared Inbox

Assign and manage text conversations amongst multiple team members.

Collect Feedback & Reviews

Automatically follow up for more feedback and online reviews.

Auto-Shorten & Track Link Clicks

Text links to connect contacts to web-based resources.

Quick response templates

Keep your messaging consistent with text message templates.

Scheduled Text Messages

Schedule one-time and recurring text messages.

Reach Everyone with Broadcasts

Scale your outreach with text broadcasts to contact groups.

Route & Assign Conversations

Route messages to the right teammates and teams with views and filters.

Automatic Out-Of-Office Texts

Automate responses when outside of office hours.

Web and Android

Easy to use mobile apps for your smartphone.

Flexible working

Compatible with the most popular desk phones in market.

Windows and Mac

Easily make and receive calls on your desktop or laptop using SIP softphones.

International calls

Dial internationally at much lower rates than a traditional landline.


Receive calls and text messages on slack.


Initiate real time audio calls with your existing chats on intercom.


Integrate with 1000s of apps using our zapier native integration.

API and Webhook

Customize the call flow and notifications using our APIs.

Add shared team phone numbers

Put one number on multiple phones so you and your coworkers can share communication responsibilities and be more productive.

  • Setup your own business hours
  • Route calls to any team member
  • Assign numbers to team members
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Why LimePhone is the go-to choice for businesses & professionals worldwide

Here's what makes LimePhone the go to choice for virtual phone choice.

Affordable virtual phone system

Our plans starts at $5 /mo with all the business phone features.

24/7 support

We’re here to help, any time you need us, by phone or chat.

Setup in seconds

In just a few clicks, you will be able to start using your limephone number.

Turn missed calls into opportunities.

Forward unanswered calls to voicemail, and send auto text response.


We integrate with all your favourite apps

Easily integrate and automate your workflow. Discover your favourite apps that LimePhone integrates to help sync contacts, track conversations, and analyze calls.

Working remotely? Use Limephone from any device globally.


  • Make business calls from your computer
  • Available for windows and macos
  • Sync contacts form your mobile
  • One-click call audio & meetings


  • Superior call quality & HD voice
  • Available for IOS & Android devices
  • Powerful call controls in your hands
  • Take calls from any web browser
  • Never miss a call

Award-Winning Support by an Outstanding Team

We understand the importance of having great customer service. Which is why some of the best people in the biz are ready to help you out with all things Mint.

Super short wait times (typically under 2-3 minutes)

Easy to speak with an actual human (unlike every other wireless company)

Self-service options (videos, FAQs, 24/7 chat feature)

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Loved and recognized as best-in-class by Clients And Industry Experts Alike

Ricardo D.

VP-Sales at Kinney Interactive

Best Service Ever!!

“The customer service at Limephone has been exceptional. They helped me make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Matthew V.

Founder at PlayHeros

Best value best service

“Best deal there is. Easy to switch. Great customer service. Look forward to every interaction with limephone.”

Melinda P.

A UX Designer and an active member at the Remote.

Works perfectly

“Everything is working perfectly. They have EXCELLENT customer service.”

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