LimePhone Fair Usage Policy

LimePhone is a cloud-based phone system that provides businesses with a variety of features, including virtual phone numbers, call routing, and voicemail transcription. To ensure that all customers have a fair and equitable experience, LimePhone has implemented a fair usage policy.

Under the fair usage policy, customers are expected to use LimePhone services in a reasonable manner. This means using the service for its intended purpose and avoiding excessive usage that could impact other customers.

  1. Intended Use: Limephone services are intended for legitimate businesses, professionals and home office use.
  2. Prohibited Activities: Auto-dialing, predictive dialing, trunking, and traffic pumping are strictly prohibited. Forwarding Limephone calls to systems handling multiple simultaneous calls (PBX, key systems) or those used for call stimulation is not allowed.

High Usage Limitation: may suspend calling service without notice if excessive usage threatens network, API, or system stability.

If usage patterns resemble call center activity (high-volume bulk calling), Limephone reserves the right to:

  • Change your plan to a suitable option
  • Apply standard call center rates
  • Cancel your account if it does not align with this policy

Unlimited Calling Restrictions:

  • Unlimited calling applies to domestic calls (within the US and Canada) on standard landline numbers only.
  • Premium, mobile, toll-free numbers, and international calls are excluded from unlimited calling and will be charged at standard rates.
  • For current international call rates, please refer to

Outgoing Call Limit: To prevent abuse, no more than 10 outgoing calls to the same number are allowed within an hour. Exceeding this limit will temporarily block that number until receives a valid request to unblock it.

Parallel Call Limit: No more than 20% of your total purchased lines can be used for concurrent calls.

Fair Usage Monitoring & Compliance:

  • monitors call patterns to ensure fair usage and compliance with this policy.
  • We reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action, including plan modification or service suspension, if excessive or abusive usage is detected.

Specific examples of excessive usage include:

  • Making or receiving more than 1000 voice minutes per month
  • Sending and receiving more than 500 SMS per month
  • Using more than 10 GB of data per month
  • Using LimePhone for telemarketing or spam purposes
  • Using LimePhone to make or receive international calls in excess of 10% of total call volume

Customers who exceed the monthly limits for the "Outbound Calling and SMS" and "Unlimited Inbound Calling" features will be charged for additional calls and messages at the standard rates.

The "Unlimited Inbound Calling" feature is available for all countries except those with call rates greater than USD 0.02/minute. The "Outbound Calling and SMS included" feature is available for the countries mentioned in the LimePhone Pricing Plans only.

Customers may not use the "Outbound Calling and SMS" or "Unlimited Inbound Calling" features for trunking or forwarding calls or messages from a LimePhone number to another phone number capable of handling multiple simultaneous calls or to a private branch exchange or a key system. Additionally, the messages limit in the "Outbound Calling and SMS" feature does not apply to bulk messages or messages sent via workflow automation and SMS campaigns, and standard rates for such messages will apply.

Customers who exceed the fair usage policy may be subject to additional fees or have their service suspended.

LimePhone reserves the right to modify the fair usage policy at any time. Customers will be notified of any changes to the policy.

Additional Terms:

  • LimePhone may limit or terminate service to any customer who violates the fair usage policy.
  • LimePhone is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of a customer's violation of the fair usage policy.
  • LimePhone reserves the right to interpret the fair usage policy at its sole discretion.

LimePhone Messaging Rules

You cannot use LimePhone to send messages that are:

  • Obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, exploitative, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, or that encourage illegal or inappropriate behavior, such as promoting violent crimes, endangering or exploiting children or others, or coordinating harm.
  • Fraudulent, including but not limited to impersonation, misrepresentation, scams, phishing, or any deceptive messages used to lure consumers into providing their or another person's personal information, including but not limited to medical, health, or financial information.
  • Malicious, including but not limited to malware or viruses.
  • Related to the offer, promotion, or sale of cannabis, CBD, or vape products, regardless of whether or not those messages explicitly contain cannabis terms, images, or links to cannabis websites.
  • Related to the offer, promotion, or sale of prescription medication.
  • Related to the offer, promotion, or sale of gambling, including but not limited to references or links to casino apps or gambling websites.
  • Related to the offer, promotion, or sale of adult services.
  • Related to the offer, promotion, or sale of firearms.
  • Related to high-risk financial services, including but not limited to payday loans, short-term high-interest loans, third-party (i.e., originating from any party other than the one that will service the loan) loans, student loans, or cryptocurrency.
  • Related to third-party lead generation services that buy, sell, or share consumer information.
  • Related to debt collection or forgiveness, including but not limited to third-party (i.e., originating from any party other than the one that will service the loan) debt collection, debt consolidation, debt reduction, or credit repair programs.
  • Related to “get rich quick schemes,” including but not limited to deceptive work-from-home programs, risk investment opportunities, or pyramid schemes.
  • Related to the sale of fireworks or explosives.

LimePhone reserves the right to monitor messages and take action against accounts that violate these rules, including suspending or terminating service.

Policy Updates: reserves the right to update this Fair Usage Policy as needed. Any changes will be communicated to users in advance.

If you have any questions about the fair usage policy, please contact LimePhone support.