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  • Call and message analytics
  • Scheduled and automated texts
  • Call and message analytics
  • Shared teams inbox
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Why Recruiting Teams Love LimePhone

Unified Inbox

Collaborate seamlessly and ensure transparency with a shared inbox for your hiring team. Everyone has access to the full candidate call history.

Automated Workflows

Craft a personalized experience for each candidate. Automate outreach messages, organize contacts with custom tag to streamline your hiring process.

Centralized Hub

Effortlessly provision new phone numbers, track all candidate interactions in one place, and gain real-time visibility into your entire recruiting pipeline.

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Team management

Quickly onboard your team to LimePhone and adjust permissions at any time.

Assign Users &Teams

Provide the appropriate level of account access to all of your users and set teams.

Instant Onboarding

Add users instantly with simple step setup and 3 minute onboarding for your teams.

Have full transparency into your candidate pipeline

Shared Call Notes

Keep helpful info attached to candidte calls and texts as they travel across your team.

Call Recordings

Listen to recordings, review text exchanges, comment to help your team improve.

Custom Tags

Tag conversations and candidates to manage your recruitment flows, and more.

Workspace Analytics

Gain insight into candidate conversation volume and team activity over time.

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Saves Your Team Time

Automate your messages with auto reply for inquiries and scheduled calls.

Calls & Text from Any Device

Engage with candidates effortlessly. Texting is the most efficient way to engage candidates both respecting their time and schedule.

View Candidate Details

Everything you need to know about the candidate you're engaging with is displayed on your teams devices.

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Drop Everything Into Your CRM or Slack

Connect LimePhone with your favorite tools like Slack to help sync contacts, track conversations, and more.

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