Identify your most active channels, measure your performance against SLAs, track ticket response, handling time and more.

  • Team reporting and call analytics.
  • Listen to business voicemails and shared sms inbox.
  • Create call groups and receive calls on multiple devices.
  • Instantly allocate and deallocate numbers.
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Manage user permissions

Share phone numbers

Manage teams

Shared Inbox

Improve team collaboration

Increase productivity

Limephone automatically syncs the notes and comments you make during calls to your CRM or Helpdesk — keeping that info accessible to the whole team.

Assign calls

If the conversation can't be resolved on the first call, you can assign a detailed follow-up task to the most qualified team member.

Share contacts

Keep helpful info attached to calls and texts as they travel across your team.

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Manage your users

Add account users and administrators and manage their permissions and access.

Assign Teammates

Provide the appropriate level of account access to all of your team members.

Complete transparency

Work with your teammates to respond and follow up on calls. Everyone shares visibility and responsibility.

Unify all conversations with one team inbox

Shared Call Notes

Keep helpful info attached to calls and texts as they travel across your team.

Manage Numbers

Assign, share or transfer phone numbers between your team members.

User Roles

Provide your team members with granular levels of account access.

Assign Owners

Assign clear ownership of calls and leads which improves transparency.

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Saves time

Automate your meetings with features like real-time lead qualification, advanced meeting routing and round robin routing

Answer calls in the browser or on a mobile device

Each agent on your team can choose which device they want to receive calls on (and easily switch back and forth) so offering voice support is convenient, not a hassle.

Control how calls are assigned

Ring all users simultaneously, assign calls to a specific agent, or set up team-based routing. Make sure your team never misses a call.

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Keep everyone in the loop

Help personalize more conversations with shared notes and contacts

Maintain clear visibility of call activity across the team.

Send reminders through text and email

Reminders for agents and customers

Get your perfect business number.

Chose a new phone number, divert to your mobile and start receiving calls, whatsapp and text in no time.

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