Supercharge Sales Team Calling Power

The all-in-one calling platform built to boost sales
efficiency and conversions.

  • Streamlined sales call management
  • Increased call recording & analytics
  • Integrations with CRM, Slack & sales tools
  • Mobile accessibility for calls on the go
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Integrate with your CRM tools

Share phone numbers

Manage sales teams

Shared sales

Why Sales Teams Love LimePhone

All In One
Sales Solution

No need to juggle multiple devices and applications. Sales teams can make calls, send messages, manage sales requests - all from a single, streamlined platform.


Allow your sales teams to share and collaborate effortlessly on calls and inquiries. LimePhone integrates seamlessly with Slack and other team tools, working together effectively.


LimePhone's analytics lets you see more than just the number of calls. You’ll have access to the sales pipeline, dialed numbers, missed call data, call duration and much more.

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Save Time &
Supercharge Productivity

Optimise your sales team’s time by automating tasks
that can take up valuable minutes.


Automated Replies: Set up automated text messages to respond to missed calls, scheduled calls and follow ups.

Schedule Calls:
Simplify your calendar and avoid back-and-forth scheduling emails. Schedule calls directly within LimePhone.

Speed to Lead

Log Calls: Automatically track all incoming and outgoing calls with details like date, time, duration, and caller ID.

Click to call: Connects you instantly from Slack, CRMs, or webpages. No more switching apps or wasting time!

Improve Your Sales Team Performance

Share Notes

Add notes and share  lead data and insights to keep your sales process streamlined and effecient.

Call Recordings

Listen to sales recordings, review text conversations, comment to help your sales team improve.

CRM & Pipeline

Tag and organize leads to prioritise the hottest deals. Manage them through LImePhone's inbuilt CRM and Pipeline.


Integrate with the most popular sales tools, CRMs, Slack, and calendars. No need for multiple apps!

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Route Calls To The Relevant Sales Team

Connect important sales calls quickly, before the lead loses
interest, routing them by location, or inquiry!

Forward Calls To Any Device Effortlessly

Sales calls on the go! Don't limit your teams to their desk. Forward calls to any device, anywhere, at any time!

Give Your Sales Team
A Local Presence

Built a local presence and trust for your team. Provide your sales team phone numbers based on geographical locations, even if they aren’t based there, you give them numbers that are.

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Drop Everything Into Your CRM or Slack

Connect LimePhone with your favorite tools like Slack to help sync client and customer details, track conversations, and more. Never miss a lead again.

The ultimate tool for any Sales Team!

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Chose a new phone number, divert to your mobile and start receiving calls, whatsapp and text in no time.

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