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What Is Wi-Fi Calling - Key information

September 6, 2023
What Is Wi-Fi Calling - Key information

Do you know what is WIFI calling? Well, if you don't have a phoneline, Wi-Fi calling is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones. Think about it for a second. The airport serving your final destination is where you are now. You need to call your host to arrange pick-up because your flight was delayed. 

Despite not having an international phone line, the airport's free Wi-Fi allows you to access the internet. If connected, you can call someone using a number of smartphone applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. 

Now that the issue has been resolved, you can finish planning your forthcoming trip. But Wi-Fi calling does not function in that way. Currently only the most recent models of smartphones can use this built-in feature. 

However, since so few individuals are currently using Wi-Fi calling, it is still a mystery. We sat down and gathered the most crucial data to respond to your inquiry, "What is Wi-Fi Calling?" 

This short guide will teach you the basics of making Wi- Fi calls and staying in contact. In order to strengthen your communication skills, just sit back and unwind. 

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling may not be well known to many people, but it has been around for a while. Wi-Fi calling essentially allows you top lace calls over a Wi-Fi connection (or 4G) as opposed to a traditional phone network.

You can also place calls over Wi-Fi using many apps. Given that the majority of people are undoubtedly familiar with Skype, comparing Wi-Fi calling to calls conducted with this well-known tool may be the most effective way to comprehend it. 

You can call other Skype users for free using Wi-Fior you can contact landlines or mobile phones using Skype. There are two waysthat Skype makes it possible for you to call. The calls are frequently far lessexpensive when utilizing the latter technique than when using a traditionaltelephone, but you will have to pay.

This second method of making calls with Skype isequivalent to Wi-Fi calling. The difference is that you can do it right on yourphone without having to install or use any other apps, regardless of where youare calling from and who you are contacting; you may still have to paydepending on who you are calling.

It is also a practical choice if you can connect toa Wi-Fi network but not a phone network.

Several Ways Wi-Fi Calling Can Help Your Business

In general, Wi-Fi calling makes consumers feel more connected. The significance of this cannot be emphasized in the mobile business world of today. Here are some specific benefits for business owners to consider.

You can make calls even in places with poor cellular coverage

Nowadays, people take cellular coverage for granted most everywhere. There are still some places with insufficient coverage, though. Additionally, no business owner wants to be stuck in a dead zone during crucial call or online meeting.

Here are some places where using Wi-Fi calling for communication may be necessary:

  • Dead zones at workplaces. 
  • Trains or public transportation.
  • Elevators
  • Basements in homes and offices

Incoming calls are free of charge on a Wi-Fi Network

In the US, phoning via Wi-Fi is typically free. Furthermore, receiving calls is always free. As a result, if you currently pay for a wireless network, you do not need to include additional funds in your communication budget. 

Text messages can be sent over Wi-Fi

You have access to more than just phone calls when there is a robust Wi-Fi network. To coworkers, associates, and clients, you can also send texts. This is ideal if you only need to send a brief update or make a brief inquiry while you're on the go.

It is compatible with most phones

If you own a smartphone, it most likely already has this function. In other words, when it's time for an upgrade, you don't need to buy a new device or conduct a ton of research. The bulk of your staff and the people you call should have access to Wi-Fi calling, so this also implies.

You don't require any more plans or services.

This feature is also not dependent on any other plans or services. Enabling Wi-Fi calling or putting your phone in airplane mode should do the trick.

Your phone number is used in a WIFI call

There is no need for a separate line or number for Wi-Fi calling. So you don't need to give contacts many ways to contact you in order to confuse them. Additionally, you should always let people know who is calling when you contact them. In essence, it's a fairly straightforward approach to avoid using a standard cellular connection. 

What is Wi-Fi calling for android and how to make Wi-Fi calls on an android device? 

Are you wondering what is Wi-Fi calling for android? It’s a nice feature to have if your carrier offers it. It will enable your smart phone to make and receive calls and text messages using the strongest connection available in your home. Additionally, it supports higher-quality audio, making it ideal if your home doesn't have a strong signal. 

Even though Android has had this capability for along time, the number of individuals who are unaware of its existence is startling. This is partly a result of slow carrier uptake, but it's also because the function and its benefits aren't being widely publicized. Due to its compatibility with the functionality, LimePhone is now an alternative to Wi-Fi calling. Unfortunately, if you want to save money by using an MVNO, you won't have that choice. That's regrettable. 

Wi-Fi calling should be supported by the majority of current Android devices, however, it is not always reliable. For instance, even though the Galaxy S7typically supports Wi-Fi calling, the feature is not available on my phone's international model. Basically, both the phone and the carrier must support it. 

Asa result, if you dig around and look for the setting we'll discuss below and it's not there, it's either not offered by your carrier or not available on the phone you're using. 

What if Wi-Fi calling on android not working? Here are some ways you can overcome this issue.

Solutions for android Wi-Fi calling on android not working

You can use the useful function of Wi-Fi calling to conveniently place cellular calls via Wi-Fi. It's useful for enjoying clearer voice calls when you have access to a Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi network is automatically used to relay regular phone calls. Unfortunately, many Android users have trouble using Wi-Fi calling, particularly those who use Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this post offers 11 helpful solutions for troubleshooting Wi-Fi calling issues on Android.

We will begin the troubleshooting guide with simple solutions such as compatibility issues and rebooting, followed by numerous resets. 

Let's start! 

Check device and network support

If your cellular network provider does not support Wi-Fi calling in your area, Wi-Fi calling will not function. In a similar vein, your Android phone should be supported by your cellular service. For instance, my Pixel 2 XL's network provider doesn't support Wi-Fi calling. So verify network and device compatibility. 

The best approach to finding compatible phones for Wi-Fi calling is to Google" network provider name." The first result will direct you to the official website of your network provider, where you may determine whether or not the provider offers it. 

Restart the modem and phone

Restart your phone and modem once Wi-Fi calling has been confirmed to be functional on your network and for your Android device. Limited connectivity problems can also be resolved by restarting the modem. 

Insert SIM Card Again

You should detach the physical SIM card from your phone if restarting the device didn't resolve Wi-Fi calling troubles. After cleaning it with a microfiber cloth, re-insert it. Any updated configuration settings you might get should be saved. 

Tip: If you change to a different cellular network while traveling, you should reset your phone and re-insert your SIM card. 

Activate/Deactivate Wi-Fi Calling

To use Wi-Fi calling, you must turn it on in your phone's settings. There are various approaches to make it possible. 

Start your phone's dialer or the Phone app. Tap the three dots at the top of the screen to open Settings.

There, you can choose to make Wi-Fi calls. The switch adjacent to it should be turned on. Check under Calls > Wi-Fi calling if you can't find Wi-Fi Calling under Phone app Settings directly. 

Next, tap on Connections/Network & internet in the Settings section of your Android phone. Enable Wi-Fi calling by turning the toggle switch. Or, navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced >Wi-Fi Calling.


A functioning Wi-Fi connection is necessary for Wi-Fi calling. Therefore, make sure your Android phone has Wi-Fi activated and is within range. Wi-Fi calling won't function properly if you are too far from your router. If the Wi-Fi on your phone keeps cutting off, you should also look at our troubleshooting guide. 

Switch to another Wi-Fi network

Your Wi-Fi connection is frequently the sole problem. To see if Wi-Fi calling functions any better, try using a different Wi-Fi network. If everything functions as it should, you should factory reset your modem and re-configure it.

Set the airplane mode

Activating airplane mode resolves a number of network-related issues, including Wi-Fi calling troubles. On your Android phone, enable it for a bit before disabling it once more. It may be turned on from the notification panel's fast setting spanel. A different option is to go to Settings > Network & internet. Airplane mode is located here. Turn it on and off.

Update your phone's software 

If Wi-Fi calling was functioning normally before the problem, the most recent version may be to blame. Check your phone for any recent software updates. Access the software update by going to Settings > System. Alternatively, look in settings for "update."

Setup your network again

On your Android phone, you ought to attempt to reset the network settings. It's not the same as resetting your phone. Therefore, don't worry about losing your data. That won't change at all. Only network settings, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others, will be restored to their original settings. Check out our explainer to learn more about what occurs when network settings are reset. 

Navigate to Settings > System or General Management > Reset to reset the network settings. Select Reset network settings/Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Refresh app preferences

On your Android phone, reset the app preferences if the network settings reset alone didn't work. No data on your phone will be lost, to reiterate. App permissions, default apps, and other settings will be impacted.

You can reset app preferences or settings by going to Settings > System or General Management > Reset. Find out more about it as well as a different way to reset settings. 

Making fixes for Samsung phones

If you have a Samsung phone, you can choose to call over Wi-Fi rather than the mobile network. But at the time, you can only do this by utilizing third-party software. 

Get the Play Store app for Samsung Band Selection. Enter the app and then select More Network Settings > (your network) > Advanced > Wi-Fi calling >Calling preference. 

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi calling on android

Although Wi-Fi calling is a wonderful service, not all circumstances allow for its full use. This is due to the automatic switching between cellular and Wi-Fi calling that occurs on your phone. Since it favors cellular networks even when the coverage is poor, it is also a poor judge in this regard. 

LimePhone: One of the leading VoIP phone systems for Wi-Fi calling

When you know what Wi-Fi calling is, you can see how it can make corporate communication easier. As long as they have access to Wi-Fi, it allows your employees the freedom to place and receive calls from wherever.

To prevent unnecessary data usage, LimePhone by default uses your Wi-Fi connection. When you leave a Wi-Fi network, LimePhone uses data to keep the call from dropping. You can simply scale your phone system with LimePhone at a reasonable cost as your company expands.



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