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Voicemail for Your Business: Why is it Important?

September 6, 2023
Voicemail for Your Business: Why is it Important?

Voicemail systems ushered in a new era of digital voice recording. The voicemail system was an innovative gadget that provided higher sound quality and more functions than traditional answering machines. Still, due to its exorbitant cost, it needed to be within reach of the average population.

It is similar to answering machines in that it is a recording device that records messages after a missed call. Unlike answering machine messages, which are saved and accessible locally, voicemail messages are stored remotely and can view anywhere.

What is Voicemail?

A voicemail message is an audio message that has been digitally recorded. When you dial someone and they are unavailable, you register a digitally stored voice message into a digital mailbox to be retrieved by its owner. While voicemail functionality has improved in the digital age, all systems are identical. 

Who invented it?

Gordon Mathews (called the "Father of Voice Mail"), an entrepreneur and inventor who also formed Voice Mail Express (VMX), the world's first voicemail system manufacturer, invented the voicemail system in the 1970s. 

In 1979, he applied for his first patent, and the following year, he sold his first VMX voicemail system to 3M. These early voicemail machines did not answer the phone. Employees could only leave a message for other employees without ringing the phone. The first voicemail devices were likewise massive, around the size of several refrigerators.

When did Voicemail become popular?

The introduction of PC-based voice processing boards, initially created in 1982 by tech goods producer Dialogic Corporation, leveled the playing field. The new PC boards enabled computer programmers to install voicemail software on desktop PCs. 

This advancement drastically reduced the cost of voicemail systems, quickly taking the communication sector by storm.

How Many People Use Voicemail?

Americans need to pick up the phone more often these days. According to freshly released findings from a Pew Research Center web poll of U.S. adults conducted July 13-19, 2020, eight in ten Americans do generally not answer their cell phone when an unknown number calls.

However, not all Americans are equally likely to disregard these calls. While a quarter of Americans from any demographic group said they usually answer the phone for an unknown number – and 19% of U.S. adults overall — males are more likely to answer the phone than women.

How do you use Voicemail?

There are several ways you can set up Voicemail. The most common way is through your carrier. The process of setting up voicemail can vary from service to service, so check your carrier’s website for more details.

On the other hand, the process of setting up native voicemail on your Apple or Android device is discussed in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Voicemail Number?

A voicemail number is a number that a phone user uses to receive voicemail messages on all smartphones, such as Android phones. Your mobile carrier or service provider will provide you with this number.

Uses of Voicemail Number

The purpose of a voicemail number is to allow your callers to contact you even if you cannot answer their calls. You can listen to saved phone messages on your voicemail box using your voicemail number.

When you cannot answer the phone, you can direct calls to your Voicemail. Anyone who calls your phone after being run can leave a message in your Voicemail.

Advantages of Voicemail

The main advantage of voicemail is convenience. That simple act of leaving a recorded a message makes sure there are no gaps in communication between the caller and the recipient. Among the myriad of other benefits, here are the best ways in which voicemails can help you:

  • Communicating with multiple receivers: Using Voicemail, the same message can be sent to several receivers by simply altering the receiver's phone number or email address.
  • Sending verbal messages rapidly. A person can swiftly transmit verbal messages to any remote person using Voicemail.
  • Message preservation. The message transmitted via Voicemail is automatically saved in the recipient's computer. As a result, the receiver can hear the news when it is convenient for him.
  • When Voicemail is sent to the receiver's cell phone, the message is automatically saved by the receiver's phone. As a result, the sender receives confirmation that the intended recipient received the communication.
  • Voicemail is suitable for those unable to read text messages. As a result, the receiver can hear the sender's announcement over the phone or computer. As a result, this communication technique is appropriate for illiterate persons.

Disadvantages of Voicemail

Despite voicemail communication having reached it's peak maturity, it still has some glaring advantages. These are the following fundamental limitations:

  • Excessive message transmission is not permitted: Excessive message transmission is not allowed via Voicemail. This technology is not ideal for conveying lengthy messages due to mechanical flaws, noise, the sender's pronunciation problem, the receiver's hearing problem, or intolerance.
  • Differences in sender and receiver languages: A voicemail system would only be effective if the sender and receiver understand each other's language.
  • Expensive: Voicemail communication is more costly than other mail services. As a result, just a few important and intimate messages are sent via Voicemail.

The Advantages of Using Voicemail in Your Business

The importance of voicemail cannot be understated when it comes to business. Be it intra-office communications or correspondence with clients and customers, everything can go smoothly thanks to the simple habit of leaving voicemails and following up. This kind of gapless communication ensures that your business is running at peak efficiency and ensures that you are not leaving opportunities on the table.

Besides the obvious, here are several other reasons why Voicemail can help your business:

  • It allows for customer retention. Having a system to take their calls ensures that their call is received. They also get a guarantee that you will call them back to address their problem.
  • Removes the need for administrative assistance. Hiring fewer employees should be at the top of your list of cost-cutting strategies for your company. If you have a system for missed phone calls, you only need to hire some administrative staff.
  • Obtain a Detailed Message from Your Customers. You can listen to your clients' recordings without any filters. For example, coworkers may distort the message they received from a customer. As a result, you'll be able to provide appropriate solutions.
  • A recorded message allows you to plan your response ahead of time. That means you can expect a positive outcome when you speak with the customer.
  • Screening of Phone Calls. Voicemails help to organize and sort messages according to importance. So you never waste time in responding to the calls that matter.

How to set up Voicemail on iPhone: 

Please remember that not all iPhone users have the same voicemail features. Some carriers still need you to dial a number to listen, erase, skip forward, archive, etc. This guide is intended for individuals who have the on-screen functions enabled.

Generating a passcode before using your voicemail messaging service would be best. Your carrier's voicemail service is already installed on your iPhone.

Here's how to set up and utilize your iPhone's Voicemail:

  • On your iPhone, launch the Phone app.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, tap Voicemail.
  • Tap Set Up Now
  • Enter a passcode (it must be four to six digits long).
  • Select Done.
  • Enter the passcode again.
  • Select Done.

Your voicemail messaging service is now activated, and you will not need to enter the passcode again unless something goes wrong.

How to set up Voicemail on an Android phone:

Here's how to set up and utilize voicemail on your Android device:

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap on the keypad button in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Press and Hold number one to call your voicemail service.
  4. You will be asked for a PIN if your Voicemail is set up. You could reset it if you forgot it.
  5. If you haven't set up your Voicemail, you'll hear a message saying, "No voicemail number is stored on the card."
  6. Follow the instructions to set up your Voicemail.
  7. Hang up.
  8. Press and hold the number one again. Enter your PIN. You're set!

With Voicemail, your staff can answer important phone calls while the system handles the rest. That improves the productivity and efficiency of your company's operations.

How LimePhone Offers Voicemail Along With Many Other Features?

Limephone is an all-in-one business phone platform that provides white-label mobile marketing solutions to agencies and media companies. If you want to use Voicemail for your business, we can assist you in implementing our solution to increasing customer engagement and success rates. Our dynamic team has plenty of years of experience in various outbound call center services and can assist you in the best way possible.

We offer a comprehensive range of voicemail systems and service solutions for businesses. A simple phone call with one of our knowledgeable representatives will help you understand what we can offer and how your company can benefit from working with a professional team like ours. As always, we provide full support and services with all our products, allowing you to select a system confidently.


  • Is my phone number the same as my voicemail number?

- No, your voicemail number does not correspond to your phone number. A voicemail number saves recorded messages to a separate server. A phone number is used to receive calls and, unlike Voicemail, has its call log server.

  • Can phone numbers be seen on Voicemail?

- Yes, you can see the caller's phone number on the Voicemail. To access it, press "5" on your dial keypad while listening to the voicemail message.

  • Can I check my Voicemail on another phone?

- Yes, you can use any smartphone to access your voicemail messages. It is advantageous for a voicemail user who has misplaced their phone. There is no extra charge for listening to your voicemail messages on devices other than your own. Your voicemail subscription already includes the cost.

  • Why am I unable to set up or receive voicemail messages?

- The main reason you can't set up Voicemail is that it isn't available on your phone. Most Android phones with operating systems 5.0 and lower do not support Voicemail. Instead, they may receive transcriptions of gibberish voicemail messages. If your phone is capable of Voicemail, but you cannot receive Voicemail messages, you may need to configure your Voicemail. To set up your Voicemail, follow the steps outlined previously.

  • How many voicemails can I have?

- There is no universal limit to the number of voicemails you can have. This number varies by carrier but is usually between 20 and 30. Pages frequently have a time limit on how long they will keep these voicemails, usually about a month or two.

Final Thoughts

Business owners frequently regard Voicemail as impersonal and irritating to their customers. That, however, is a myth that is far from true. The primary issue for all businesses is that client and customer phone calls must be returned promptly. That is one of the primary reasons why most phone systems now include business voicemails.

A correctly implemented voicemail system can benefit both the customer and the business. Customers should be able to leave a message anytime rather than being forced to wait on hold or navigate the system. That shows respect for the value of her time – provided that their message reaches the intended recipient and receives a prompt response. This efficiency enables you to reduce staff costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.



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