The Ultimate Guide to a Private Second Phone Number

September 6, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to a Private Second Phone Number

Have you ever noticed that some businesses have different numbers that they use? Have you ever thought this could apply to your business as well? Most successful companies use a second phone number to communicate with their business contacts, customers, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

What is a second phone number, and how can this benefit you as a business owner?

Having a secondary phone number is excellent for maintaining confidentiality. You receive control over who obtains your phone number, gain freedom from robocalls, and enjoy other benefits. We've gathered a list of the finest second phone number apps available. Some are free, others are not, but all are available on iOS and Android. 

Secondary Phone Numbers - at a Glance

A second phone number is exactly how it's labeled - another number you use for a particular purpose aside from your primary one.

When you start your business, it's easy to communicate with clients, who are often already members of your circle, such as family and friends. But as your business expands, the demand for communication also increases - orders, requests, reservations, queries… the list goes on. All of these can interfere with your daily life, especially when using your personal number. 

That is where a second phone number comes in. As we go further, we'll discuss specific types of double digits and explain in more detail how they can benefit you.

Kinds of Phone Numbers

Secondary phone numbers are not a one-size-fits-all solution - there are different kinds you can choose from based on your budget and needs. These other numbers come at different price points but also deliver various extra features you may or may not need in your business. 

These are the options you can choose from when it comes to using a second phone number for business:

  • A second phone and number

You can have a phone with a new phone number from a mobile carrier, landline, or virtual phone service provider. Many small businesses opt for a second phone and a SIM card as it is the least costly option at a glance. However, consider trying a different approach if you expect a large volume of texts and calls and would like more advanced features to support your operations. 

  • A virtual phone service

Many virtual phone service providers, such as LimePhone, Google Voice, or Burner, provide a second phone number you can process or request online. They usually charge monthly and offer a range of tools and services, from basic to advanced. 

  • An app

Applications can get you a virtual phone number, VoIP services, and features. LimePhone is an example of a phone number service that lets you easily add a business phone number to your existing mobile phone. For this and other similar apps, you sign up for a free trial, download the app to your phone, and start messaging and calling immediately.

What Can You Do With a Second Number?

You can expand your possibilities with a second phone number, especially if it's a virtual one with additional features. Here are some examples of what you can do with a second number.

  • Organize tasks and priorities

You can immediately identify work matters and messages by having a different number from personal contacts. This way, priorities are easily segregated, and work/personal matters won't clash.


  • Use an identifiable number with branding

You can have a number that separates your brand from your person, creating an identity for itself. That is particularly effective when you use vanity numbers since you can customize them using letters and words associated with your brand.

  • Incorporate features into operations

Virtual or business numbers include helpful features that can give you an edge in business. Examples are voicemail, auto-responses, and call forwarding. 

Benefits of Having a Second Phone Number

Few people consider the advantages of having a second phone number, perhaps because you would typically need to carry two different phones wherever you go or have a phone that supports dual SIM, not to mention the fact that you'd have to pay the additional carrier fees that come with having a second SIM card!

  • Data leakage/Breach protection

Doing business with organizations such as purchasing online or signing up for different services, we need to provide them with a lot of personal information – our complete name, email address, phone number, and so on. When you have a second phone number, you can give it to companies or other websites that need your personal information instead of your primary phone number, and this is to ensure it is not compromised if they experience a data breach.

  • You have the choice of keeping your primary phone number private

You should keep your phone number private from someone for many reasons. Having some reservations about disclosing your genuine phone number is understandable, and you should consider the second number to avoid unwanted messages and calls.

  • Keep your job and personal lives separate

With so many of us having worked from home during COVID, we understand what it's like to have our work lives to merge too closely with our personal lives. Having a second phone number solely for business affairs allows you to separate the two.

That is especially useful if you're beginning a small business or doing a side hustle. You can keep your primary phone number private while using your secondary phone number for your new business.

Another benefit is that separating personal and work texts and calls makes it easier to compartmentalize and organize everything. It will be more efficient when it comes to scheduling and prioritizing tasks. 

How to Get a Second Number?

Having a second phone number allows you to have some work-life balance. Here are other reasons to obtain a second number you might have yet to consider. 

A second phone number can be obtained in various ways, each with pros and cons. You can get a second phone number for a small price online through an application. Download the app or go online, select your new phone number, and begin using it immediately. There is no need for a second phone or a sim card.

The most typical choices for acquiring a second number are listed below:

  • Mobile Carriers. If you'd want a second phone number, you can get one through your mobile carrier. A dual SIM card that can be used in a second or dual-SIM phone may be needed. 

  • Virtual phone number service offers a second phone number that may be used on any device. These devices may be quicker to set up and cheaper than cell carriers. 

  • Second phone number. Apps that use a second phone number include 2ndLine, Burner, and LimePhone.

It is essential to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each choice before deciding on factors like the cost, the service quality, local numbers availability, the features (such as call forwarding, texting, and voicemail), and the amount of privacy and security

Tips on Choosing the Right Service Provider

Before completing your request for a second number, it's important to ensure that your service provider is reliable and matches your needs, budget, and expectations. Here are some tips on how you can select a service provider for your second phone number:

  • Check out the provider

Research and read customer reviews before registering for a second phone number service. Choose businesses with a robust privacy and security track record, like LimePhone.

  • Study the provider's privacy statement

Pay close attention to the provider's privacy statement to learn how your data will be gathered, saved, and utilized. Seek out vendors who offer end-to-end encryption in addition to other security measures.

  • Review their customer service 

Ensure the provider gives customer support so they can help you with any issues or queries you want to address. Identify whether assistance is provided via phone, email, or chat. Check their site to see if it's AI or human that you're talking to.

  • Compare options 

Compare between different providers to find one that satisfies your needs and budget by looking at pricing and features. 

Different providers may provide varying pricing plans and features. Look for services that offer voicemail, text messaging, and call forwarding. 

  • Think about the reputation of the provider

Opt for businesses with solid reliability, client satisfaction, and security track record. Ensure the service provider is reputable, has a long history of protecting customer privacy, and has been in business.

  • Verify compatibility

Confirm that the provider's service is appropriate for your hardware and operating system. A supplier's app availability for iOS and Android smartphones and compatibility with additional gadgets like tablets or computers should be confirmed.

Before registering for any service, read reviews, review the features and cost, and ensure compatibility.

How to Create and Keep a Private Second Phone Number

Now that you’re ready to set up a second phone number, let’s take a look at how to go about this process. Follow the steps below: 

Find a Decent Provider

A trustworthy provider of a secret second phone number service should be chosen after doing some research. Look for service providers with a solid reputation and that deliver the required features.

Choose a Phone Number

After deciding on a provider, pick a phone number from the list of available options. Most carriers will let you select from a pre-existing or unique phone number list.

Register for the Service and Activate Your New Phone Number

After choosing a phone number, register for the service and activate your new number. Depending on the provider, you might need to download an app or set up the service on your current device.

Check the Settings

After your service has been activated, configure your settings, including your selections for call forwarding, voicemail, and messaging. Numerous service providers give flexible choices for your second phone number.

Check Compatibility

Confirm that your new phone number works with the hardware and operating system you are using. Verify the provider's app available on iOS and Android platforms and whether it is compatible with additional gadgets like tablets or PCs.

Test your Service

Finally, test your service to ensure your new phone number is operational. Place a test call or send a message to confirm your unique phone number is enabled and working correctly. 

How to Maintain Your Privacy 

The crucial step often overlooked while shopping for a second phone number is privacy. As the process of obtaining a second phone number requires you to use your personal information, there lies the risk of security breaches, information theft, and other potential hazards.

Here are some tips on maintaining privacy and security when using a second phone number:

  • Use a strong password. Choose a solid and unique password for your second phone number account, and avoid using the same password as other accounts. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to make guessing harder.

  • Refrain from sharing your personal information. Don't share personal information, such as your home address, social security number, or financial information, with anyone you don't trust. Be cautious of giving out personal information over the phone or through text messages because black hat hackers spread anywhere.

  • Avoid phishing frauds. It is a common way for hackers to steal personal information. Be careful of unknown messages or phone calls, and avoid clicking links or downloading attachments from unknown sources that you may see commonly on websites.

  • Enable two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a code or authentication from another device. Please enable this feature for your second phone number account to make it harder for hackers to gain access.

  • Use encryption. Look for a provider that offers end-to-end encryption for calls and messages. That will ensure that your communications are secure and private.

  • Update your program. Keep your device's operating system updated with the latest security features. That will help protect your device from any malware.

It is essential to use a strong password, avoid sharing personal information, be cautious of phishing scams, always use two-factor authentication, use encryption, and update your software.

Why You Should Avoid Having Only One Number

Having only one number can be hectic - you're unable to separate work and personal calls/messages and organizing tasks can get overwhelming. It's also hard to get privacy when using only one number. What other reasons should you have a separate second number?

Here is a list of examples:

  • When utilizing dating apps or services, adopting a second phone number can assist in preserving your privacy. You can chat about possible dates without providing your personal phone number, which can help you avoid unsolicited calls or messages.

  • When applying for jobs, you may be required to give your phone number to possible employers, and having a second number can help you separate personal and work-related phone calls. It's necessary when you engage in the corporate world.

  • If you run a small business, having a separate phone number can make managing customer calls and inquiries easier. Consider a second number that can generate a professional company identity while keeping your number private.

  • It protects your privacy. A secondary phone number can be the best answer if you're concerned about privacy and want to keep your primary number private. You can use it without providing your personal information for purchasing, joining up for services or subscriptions, or replying to certain people.

Choose LimePhone for all Your Second Phone Number Needs

LimePhone is an affordable virtual phone service with powerful tools and features. With LimePhone, you can get a second number and a virtual one at that.

LimePhone lets you enjoy unlimited SMS, MMS, and incoming calls. It also offers many helpful business tools like automated SMS, voicemail, call routing, call analytics, and broadcasting. It is compatible with smartphones, landlines, computers, and even softphones. 

Lastly, LimePhone lets you add and assign team members who can help you manage communication and set up the tools in the platform. 


  • What are vanity numbers?

- They are a type of phone number that lets you add alphabet letters to your contact details. It's a helpful method to make an impression and remain in the customer's memory.

  • Can a second number help my business?

- Yes, a second number can give you a good work-life balance and ensure all communication is addressed and prioritized. You can also enjoy additional features that can help in the business.

  • What is VoIP?

- Voice over Internet Protocol is a group and method of technologies that allows voice delivery over the Internet. It's a new option that integrates well with more modern technologies. 

Final Thoughts

With a private second phone number, you can keep your personal phone number confidential, which can be especially important if you use your phone for work purposes. It helps you enjoy a good balance between work and your personal space and ensures priorities are set in the right time and place.

Private second phone numbers do not need to be expensive - understanding your needs and matching them with the right service provider will ensure you invest the right amount of money with benefits exceeding that cost. 

If you're hesitant about spending on a second number, be bold about availing free demonstrations to test the waters. Visit to get a free trial.



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