Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Automated Texts To Help Ease Your Workflow

September 6, 2023
Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Automated Texts To Help Ease Your Workflow

Time is money. And it also waits for no one. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cut-throat environment of the modern corporate world. Every second counts. 

Keeping in mind the mantra you just read in that last line, It’s baffling how much time and energy is taken up each day just to reply to emails, send texts, or write memos. In 2021, the number of business-related emails sent per day was 319 billion. The average user sends and receives 121 business emails per day. 

Now imagine the time you can save if these emails were automated. If simple software and clever coding could solve one of the monotonies of the business world. That’s right, now you can set up automated texts and emails and let your computer do the hard work for you. Read on to know how.

Why do I need Automated Text Messaging?

Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons that you need automatic text messaging for your business.

  1. Speed And Convenience: In a study, 85% of customers rely on SMS to connect with the brand or organization. Automated text messaging allows you to keep your customers connected en masse. 
  2. Consistent Brand Focus: For any brand to progress successfully, it needs consistent hands-on focus updating its customers about its products and services. Though websites and on-site postings can get the job done; however that’s not always convenient. Therefore, messaging plays a critical role here. Through this, you can maintain a consistent brand value and image.  
  3. High Open Rate: Open rates are a whopping 98% for SMS messages (compared to the mails, which is 30%). So it’s a pretty significant advantage in modern businesses.  
  4. High Return On Investment: The ROI for automated messages can go as high as 600%. For example, you have a 10000 customers limit for your SMS database. And pay $500/month for your automated messaging solution. If 15% make their purchase, that is, 1500 buyers, then you need only $200 on average to reach the targeted ROI. 
  5. Affordable And Quick: Sending an automatic text message is more affordable than an online ad; therefore more effective for small business owners. Moreover, it’s also a vital platform for setting up your new business. It's less time-consuming, required no additional manpower or training, and it can help you reach your lead faster 
  6. Plan Your Marketing Strategies Effectively: Automated text messages can easily interface with marketing software, helping plan marketing strategies.
  7. Builds Loyalty: Every business thrives on loyal customers. Sending timely messages to them helps gain loyalty; thus growing your brand. 

How does Automatic Text Messaging work?

Automatic text messages are fixed scenario-based responses to prompts or texts sent according to rules set by the user. It can be programmed to respond to frequently asked questions with prerecorded answers, or it can quite simply act like a memo or reminder for your employees or customers. The flexibility of automated text messaging is unparalleled as its use can be catered to your own unique requirements. 

So how exactly do you set up your own automated text messages? Easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, download the service you want to use for automatic text messages like LimePhone, create your account, and choose the automated text messaging option.
  2. Choose from any of the templates for your message or create your own.
  3. Then, select the target audience for your message (customer database, employees, etc).
  4. After this, just hit 'Send', which activates the automatic text messaging service. And just like that whatever information you need to send, your text messages can be sent automatically to them. 

Common Examples of Automated Text Messaging

Here are everyday examples of how automated text messaging can work for your business.

Opt-in SMS Campaigns

Mainly used for entertainment, brand promotion, and reality shows. For instance, radio stations host contests and use automated SMS campaigns to send questions to their listeners and use the responses to determine the winner.

Customer Support Surveys

This example is used pre-dominantly after a customer's complaint is resolved. You generally see the message popping up on your mobile screen, "rate our response on a scale of 1 to 5", which is an automated message.  

Product Updates

Product updates help businesses to highlight their brand and stay relevant in their market. Even something small like a change in the company's address or their product back in stock can make customers feel connected and involved with the brand. A common template might look like this,

Hi [first_name]! Our [product's name] is back in stock! Visit our store at [address/link]. Thanks for loving us! 

Order Confirmation

eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay owe a lot of their growth to automatic messaging. Without it, the scale on which companies like these operate would never be possible. A simple order confirmation text when a customer places an order by email or SMS can be vital for peace of mind, thus maintaining customer trust and loyalty. A common order conformation template reads,

Hello [first_name]! Your order named [product's name] is successfully placed with us! Thanks for shopping! 

Pick-up Notification

Mostly, eCommerce platforms like food delivery services use this to send messages to their clients on their availability at home. Its template reads,

Hi [first_name]! Your order [number] will be delivered tomorrow. You can reschedule or change the address if you are not home [link]. 

Appointment Reminder

With this example, service-providing businesses like a beauty parlor can send a reminder to their customers on their confirmed booking. Its common template reads,

Hi [first_name]! Thanks for booking an appointment with [brand_name]. Please be ready by [appointment_time] to avail your services. See you soon!

Customer Review Request

Collecting customer reviews is the most overlooked business aspect that can more often not be the secret ingredient to success. It is sent to the customer to share their valuable feedback after selling the product or service. Its common template reads,

Hi [first_name]! Thank you for choosing us! Can you leave a review of your experience with us? You can do it in a jiffy. Just go here: [link]. Thanks! 

Newsletter Welcome Message

Newsletters sent either weekly or monthly, are still one of the most used forms of business-to-customer communication. A simple newsletter with all the relevant information about the current state of your business, services, or products can make all the difference in cultivating brand loyalty. This automatic text message provides them with a welcoming message, which can read as,

Hey there, [first_name]! Thank you for signing up for the [brand_name] newsletter. Avail of the hidden surprise discount code within. Check it out [link]. 

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Retargeting customers can be profitable at times. For example, reminding a customer that they have added a product to their cart but have yet to place an order, may result in a better sales figure. In such cases, a simple message on their phone or email might be enough, 

Hi [first_name]! Did you forget items in your cart? Click on the buy option! Enjoy free shipping. Just enter [code] at checkout.  

Sale Notification

The movement of inventory is of course the prime objective behind every offline or online shop. So, hosting sales for Black Friday, Christmas, or just for clearance can help ventilate unsold inventory for a hefty profit. The template is as follows,

[brand_name]: Our products have never been this cheaper. Buy a [product_name] and receive a flat 45% off on [second_product]. Click this link to access now [link]. 

Personalized Discounts

Rewarding your brand's most loyal customers can win create incentives for more customers down the line. This generates interest and attention, either for personalized codes or rewards. Its general template reads,

Hi [first_name]! We notice you have shown interest in our [item]. Your exclusive 20% off code is: [code] Buy now: [link] Text us at [phone_number] for any questions.

Special Offer

It is s time-oriented and scenario dependant use of automated messaging, where the brand can notify their customer about special offers on a specific product for a limited time. Thus helping generate urgency and directing customers to the business website or store. Its common template reads,

35 MINUTES SALE to get 25% across all website products at [brand_name]! Use code: [code] at checkout! [link] 

After-hours and Out-of-office automation

When you aren’t available at your desk or are indisposed, it's important to not leave your customers hanging. A simple after-hours or out-of-office text can clear confusion and build trust.  

Event Invitations

Automatic texting can also help you send invitations for any virtual or real-world event. Just arrange your guest list and send them all the invitations through SMS or email and gauge attendance according to the response.  You can also answer queries like dates, venue, ticket prices, availability, additional details, etc. 

Standard Terms You Should Know About Automated Text Messaging

Autoresponder: Any automatic text message, auto-reply, or auto-response is the autoresponder. It can be an autoresponder email message or SMS text. Although, it can also be applied to automated voice calls and other communication forms.  

●Autoresponder Text: It is an automatic text response activated by entering the keywords like STOP, SUBSCRIBE, and HELP. 

● Click Rate: It is the percentage of the recipient clicking on the link in an SMS.  

● Unsubscribe Rate: Just like click rate, it is also the percentage of the customers, but this time, who unsubscribe from your messages.

● Bounce Rate: Unlike the above terminologies, it's the customer's percentage not receiving the SMS. The reasons are an invalid number or maybe something else.  

● Scheduled Text Messages: It's the pre-written template for sending information, announcements, or dealing with contacts at a specific time & date. With the help of this, you can avoid texting each contact separately about your product or service.

● SMS Drip Campaigns: It is similar to autoresponder texts, where the contact can opt-in to your text list by texting a particular keyword to your number, thus nurturing leads and sales. 

● Recurring Texts: It is similar to a scheduled text message campaign. Only the difference is that you can continuously send messages until the receiving customer stops them manually or until the predetermined end date. 

Set up automatic text messaging through LimePhone

So now you know how automatic text messaging is one of the tools that can grow your business and take it to the next level. But finding a good service with all the features you need can be a chore. 

Try LimePhone. It provides multiple numbers for your business in any country and has powerful integrations and advanced tools to meet your every need. Some key features include, virtual phone numbers, team-based collaboration tools, automatic text messaging and response, WhatsApp support, web texting, saved replies, tags, filter & sort texts, holiday auto-response, and many more.

So, why wait? Get started with the best automatic texting tools only with LimePhone. To begin, visit



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