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Why All Businesses Should Use Virtual Phone Numbers

September 6, 2023
Why All Businesses Should Use Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are often used by businesses, and can offer many benefits. However, some of these benefits may not be explicitly stated by virtual service providers. To assist small business owners in understanding the advantages offered by a virtualphone number, we have outlined them here.

Virtual numbers work in asimilar way as standard numbers but they offer additional functionalities.

Moving from CDs to mp3 filesprovides users with increased options, improved efficiency, and cost savings.Similarly, a virtual phone number offers businesses additional benefits andtoday we are examining them.

A Virtual Number does not have to be associated with one particular phone.

Virtual spaces enable users toaccess their phone number through various means, including use as an entrypoint for receiving and making business-related calls and texts.

You can obtain a virtual phonenumber and use it to forward calls to multiple other destinations, aiding yourbusiness operations.

A virtual phone system can beconfigured to receive calls made to a virtual number, and route these calls tomultiple devices such as cell phones.

Virtual numbers can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

When customers call the main virtualnumber for your business, you can configure the system to ring all phonessimultaneously or one at a time, allowing multiple employees to answer thecall.

With a virtual phone number, youhave a variety of options for organizing your communications system. You canconfigure it to a standard setup where the virtual number only calls oneparticular phone, regardless of whether it is landline or mobile.Alternatively, you can customize it as needed.

A virtual number works the sameway as a standard number for making and taking calls. People would still needto enter the digits in order to reach you. Additionally, your business virtualnumber will also appear on outgoing caller ID when making calls from yourbusiness. Unlike a standard number, a virtual number does not have to beattached to one specific phone.

Do not use your personal phonenumber for business purposes.

Small business owners who arebeginning operations may opt to provide their personal cell phone number tocustomers due to lack of other available resources.

Utilizing a personal landline orcell to operate a business may be effective initially, but it also publizicesyour personal number for business and private purposes. On the upside, virtualnumbers do not require an additional phone in comparison to traditional serviceproviders.

It is important to keep yourphone number private.

When you register a virtualnumber with Limephone, you can set it up as your primary business line and keepyour private number separate.

If desired, you may continue tooperate your business with the same cell phone, whereby customers can dial thevirtual number and be directed to that specific device.

Using Limephone you can have onevirtual phone number which can direct calls to any phone that you wish. Additionally,should you require more lines for customers to call, it is possible to add morevirtual phone numbers.

Use a virtual number for yourexisting number.

Many businesses may not wish toobtain a new phone number due to the fact that their current number is alreadyestablished and customers are familiar with it. If this applies to yourbusiness, you likely would not wish to modify your primary business number.

Businesses wishing to switch toa virtual service such as Limephone can retain their current business number byporting it over to the new provider, allowing them to continue providing theirservices without interruption.

Creation of a phone numbertransfer, referred to as "porting", enables a user to change carriersor service providers. This process is done so that the previous number can beconverted into a virtual phone number, such as when a regular phone number isused for Limephone.

Limephone facilitates theporting of any phone number you have - from home to office, or cell phone - andprovides a porting specialist to assist you throughout the process.

You can use virtual services tomodify your existing numbers.

You can transfer your phonenumber to a virtual service to gain access to additional features that wouldnot be available with a single phone. This can be beneficial as your businessexpands.

Limephone virtual phone systemsprovide professional features such as a dial menu, business-grade voicemail,simultaneous handling of multiple calls, on-hold music, and other features tosupport your growing business.

These features are beneficialfor businesses of any size, as they allow calls to be managed by a professionalsystem, instead of only a personal cell phone.

Replace Your Landline with aMobile Service.

Utilizing an old-fashioned landlinefor business calls can inhibit a small business from growing, as it doesn'tprovide the necessary portability required by most new businesses.

Utilizing a virtual phonenumber, your calls can be routed to your cell phone regardless of where you arelocated. This allows you to manage calls more effectively and provides greaterflexibility for running your business.

When starting a new business, itis likely that time spent away from the office will increase and access to alandline may decrease. This could lead to missed communication with potentialcustomers or clients, which might result in lost sales opportunities.

A landline phone does not offermuch flexibility.

In the initial stages of yourbusiness, having a virtual phone system with a cell phone so you do not missany opportunities is necessary. Additionally, you need not discard your currentnumber.

If you wish to change from alandline service while retaining your existing phone number, you may port it toa virtual phone service platform like Limephone. From there, the formerlylandline associated number may be designated as a virtual number and canreceive calls sent to any device you specify, such as a cell phone for businessuse.

Customers will not be affectedas they will still be able to reach the business using the same number theywere previously, while the company benefits from incorporating a virtual systemwith its features.

Create a virtual phone numberfor texting.

An alternative option forbusinesses who wish to initiate text messaging without changing their mainphone number is to acquire a separate virtual number.

It is becoming increasinglycommon for small businesses to use messaging as a point of contact, withcustomers preferring it over traditional methods. If desired, a virtual phonenumber can be obtained in order to facilitate this type of communicationseparately from the main business line.

This could pose an issue, ascustomers will have to utilize a different number if they wish to text you.This may make it slightly harder for them to contact you by text.

Customers can contact you via avirtual number by calling or texting.

Getting a virtual number is themost convenient option for managing calls and text messages. It is possible toacquire a new virtual number, or port an existing phone number, such as with Limephone,and use it as the primary contact point for both calls and texts.

Limephone provides an efficientvirtual communication system for businesses. Customers can text your phonenumber as normal, while you're able to manage such messages through a controlpanel or mobile app.

The Limephone system is easy forthem to use, as there is no need for texts to be sent to a new number. It alsooffers you ease of management through the online dashboard.

Try the Free Trial to assessits suitability for you.

Virtual phone numbers are agreat tool for small businesses as they create a more professional experiencefor their customers. It is easy to get a virtual number from Limephone'sselection of local and toll-free numbers or you can port in an existing number.

You can try Limephone's freetrial to get a sense of how their full virtual phone number system works andwhether it is suitable for your business. Sign up today to get started.



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