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How Does Google Voice Work and Its Key Features

September 6, 2023
How Does Google Voice Work and Its Key Features

Google Voice: What is it?

Do you own more than one smart phone, each with its own phone number? You should definitely look for Google Voice. This voice

over IP (VoIP) service allows you to use a single phone number to send and receive messages and calls from multiple devices. With

Google Voice, you can replace your work, home, and cell phone numbers with a new, free number. You can even specify which

devices should ring when you receive an incoming call. Some of the free Google Voice features include unlimited calls in the United

States and Canada for up to three hours, as well as free SMS. It can also be used to block numbers, which is extremely useful in the

age of spam.

Unlike Skype, Google Voice is not a VoIP service. However, it does take advantage of VoIP technology over the internet in order to

route some of its calls, to allow free local calls, and to offer numerous features that it is known for. The adaptable VOIP service

would make an excellent business number or landline substitute, and you may not have to pay a dime to use it. You can also use it

from your phone with a well-designed app.

If you want to unify your telephone numbers and receive calls across all your devices, Google Voice is there for you.  It has Android

and web apps, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a single number that rings all of their devices. Use this cloud-based

telephone service to have several ways to communicate. Google Voice only works with the internet, and it’s an affordable way to

make and receive phone calls from any device. Indeed, Google Voice makes it easy to add new users and locations without hefty

phone bills.

How to configure Google Voice

 Download the Google Voice app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store.

 After opening the app, link it to your Google account.

 You need a Gmail email address to sign in and use Voice.

Google won’t ask for any more personal information once you’ve logged in.

A look at how does google voice work

Google Voice is a surprisingly easy service to use and configure. The service operates over a broadband connection, so it will work

as long as you have access to your home or office network. When you sign up for the first time, you will be asked to choose between

porting your existing number to the service and getting your own. Choosing the latter will prompt you to enter your area code and

select a phone number.

You can easily create your voicemail message once you have your phone number. After that, begin making calls from your phone or

computer. This service is also capable of sending and receiving text messages. You can get the voice mail transcript from Google

Voice by accessing it in the app and then sending it to your email.

When you receive a call, you'll hear an alert that someone is calling the Google Voice number, especially if you have your Google

Voice forwarded to your cell phone. You will then be given the option of responding or not. If you decide to call back, you can have

your Google Voice number appear on the person's caller ID instead of the number from your iPhone or Android device. Not just on

Android and the web, Google Voice runs well on the iPhone as well.

After learning how does google voice work, it is best to adopt it because it unifies all of your phones under a single number and

then uses a powerful set of controls to determine how to handle the calls. Have an insight into some pros to help you ensure that

Google Voice is right for you?

Eliminate the problems of having multiple numbers.

Google Voice solves the problem of having multiple phone numbers for different purposes. After signing up and receiving a phone

number, you enter all of your existing phone numbers into the control panel. When someone calls you, you will have the option to

answer on whichever phone is most convenient at the time. You can even direct certain callers directly to your voicemail.

Respond to text messages with ease.

If someone sends a message to your Google number, the service will route it to any connected mobile phones. You can respond to

text messages using any phone or the Google Voice Web interface. You can file, search, and keep the text that you have sent or

received as if it were email.

Screening Power

When a call comes in, your options expand dramatically. When you pick up the phone, you'll be given the person's name and four

options: answer the call, send it to voicemail, send it to voicemail and listen in live, or answer and record the call. Google Voice uses

your address book to determine who is calling. If the caller's name isn't in your contacts list, Google Voice can ask for it and play it

back when you pick up the phone.

Make free calls to the United States at any time.

Google Voice's paid plans include free calling to the US from any country, which is a nice perk for businesses with a large number of

clients in the US. Not only calls, but this platform supports calls and messages to different countries, including Spain, the UK,

Australia, and more.

What advantages can you anticipate?

Want to start or stop recording calls? You can do so with the touch of a single button and then have access to those recordings

online. Want to switch phones without interrupting the call? Simply press the star key while talking, and soon your other connected

phones will start ringing. Just pick any of them and continue talking.

When should I use Google Voice?

If you are a home-based solopreneur, Google Voice will work best for you. You just need a cloud-based solution to place and receive


If you are into budget friendly business, Google Voice is there for you, as it starts at only $10 per user, monthly.

Looking for a free phone number? Use Google Voice, as it offers free phone numbers without a monthly subscription.

 Google Voice works well with these integrations:

 Google Meet

 Google Calendar

 Gmail

 Google Drive

How does Google Voice work when setting up your phone to make and receive calls?

You can use your Google Voice number to make and receive calls through the Google Voice app. You can also link phone numbers to

which calls should be forwarded if you don't want to answer with Google Voice. Calls to your Google Voice number will ring your

linked phones once call forwarding is enabled.

When you receive a call, it is routed to Google servers, where the phone numbers are pooled. If the call is directed to another

Google Voice number, it is identified among Google's numbers, and the call is routed to its final destination from there. When you

want to call from your web browser, go to the Google Voice page, or use the Google Voice app. When someone calls your Google

number, the call is routed to the phone number you have linked. The caller, however, will not see your phone number, so you have

two numbers for one phone.

 How does Google Voice protect your privacy?

Your data is stored securely.

When you use Google Voice to send and receive text messages and attachments, they are securely stored in various world-class

data centres. Data is encrypted both in transit from a Google Voice client to Google and at rest. Your audio data is saved when you

record a voicemail greeting on Google Voice or leave a voicemail for others. Your Google Account includes built-in security to detect

and block threats such as spam, phishing, and malware. Your activity is recorded in accordance with industry best practises.

Safety features

If you have a work or school account, you can call your local emergency services number from Google Voice in an emergency. If you

dial an emergency number while in your home country, Google Voice will provide emergency services with your personal address.

Google Voice does not advertise.

Google values your privacy. It only accesses your private content with your permission or when required by law. It shares data

about how government and corporate policies and actions affect privacy, security, and access to information.

Porting your existing number into Google Voice

Do you intend to port your current phone number to Google Voice? You can post any existing phone number into Google Voice on

the free plan. Porting into the platform costs $20 USD per number. Expect to pay a $3 unlocking fee if you port your number from

the free plan.

Have a look at the steps on how to port your Google Voice number:

 If you are trying to port your mobile number from another carrier, such as Google Voice or AT&T, Google Voice charges a

minimal fee.

 Once the process starts, do not cancel your phone plan until you get the notification that the port is complete.

 After it is finished, you will get a text message with a code.

 Thereafter, your phone service will be cancelled.

 You need to consult with the service provider if you want to keep the plan and need a new mobile number.

Google Voice is a great choice if you have a small business or a startup. However, as your business grows, you will find some

limitations. Thus, you need a phone system that can grow as your business flourishes. Thus, a Google Voice alternative offers you

more. It's fine to be able to record your own personalised greeting that every missed caller hears. But, let's be honest, Google does

not keep a pool of professional voice talent on hand to give your business greetings that extra polish. Premium services such as

conference calling, multiple numbers, auto-attendant, auto replies, and forwarding are required for those looking to take their

mobile phone experience to the next level, particularly if you are a home or small business. Unfortunately, you will have to look

elsewhere if you do not have these options.

Google Voice is undoubtedly a popular option for those who do not have a SIM card or are travelling on business trips abroad.

However, Google Voice numbers are not supported by all banks and fintech companies, and they require a WiFi connection or a

local SIM card to function.

Are you searching for a Google Voice alternative? Now, you know how does Google Voice work, you should know that Lime Phone

offers much more advanced functionality than Google Voice. This smarter phone platform integrates with the tools that you already

use and is worth investing in. The powerful texting tools it offers will allow you to get a work number, organise contacts, and grow

your business. Be it the call management, call handling, message inbox, or apps, Lime Phone has everything you are looking for. Just

install the app, choose your new phone number, and start using it right away. You do not need a second phone or SIM card.

Want to collaborate as a team?  Install a single phone number on multiple phones so that you and your co-workers can share

communication responsibilities and be more productive. Create trust and credibility for your business with a dedicated business


With best-in-class text messaging, Lime Phone allows your customers to contact your company via SMS and engage in two-way text

messaging. Its simple platform makes managing all of your conversations a breeze.

Want to schedule meetings? Lime Phone makes it convenient for you. Let your customers schedule meetings with you 24/7 with an

easy-to-use tool that reflects your style. Its features include customised availability, instant phone call back, and increased lead

response time. Connect your calendar, create the services clients can book, and customise the settings according to your needs. You

can also set up your personalised booking URL and configure your booking page.

Wondering how Lime Phone is going to streamline your communication and help you with your teamwork? Give it a




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