An Introduction to Understanding the Concept of Virtual Phone Extensions

September 6, 2023
An Introduction to Understanding the Concept of Virtual Phone Extensions

Voice over internet protocol(VoIP) calling has transformed the world. Calls are now made via the internet, with this technology proving popular for businesses. VoIP offers various advantages, including access to extensions.

Virtual extensions can be a useful VoIP solution for small businesses, as they enable employees to connect with contacts while working remotely using their smart devices.

What is a Virtual Extension?

Virtual extension is a VoIP system that allows users to forward their incoming calls to different devices or locations. It is not associated with any specific desk and commonly directs calls to predetermined destinations.

If the person who is being contacted at the virtual extension is unavailable, an individual voicemail box for that extension has been set up, functioning similarly to a remote call forwarding/find me, followed by me feature as the first stop.

Working remotely or in the field has various advantages, but it can also have drawbacks. It may be challenging to balance personal and professional life since your voicemail and address book could contain a mixture of contacts from multiple sources. Creating a professional yet neutral outgoing voicemail is one way to ensure messages from both homes and works are kept separate.

An extension allows personal and business correspondence to be handled separately, even when utilizing the same device. Business calls will reach the device first, while personal numbers and inbox are main separated.

This article explains how virtual phone extensions function.

When customers dial a business's virtual phone number, they will be greeted by an auto attendant with a custom greeting. The customer then has the option to choose from several options provided by the attendant.

The attendant can provide customer contact information for those who require top-level information, or connecting customers to specific people or departments. This ensures customers are connected to the desired person, regardless of the geographical proximity of the call recipient to the business itself.

Advantages of a Virtual Phone Number with Extensions.

Virtual phone numbers with extensions provide several benefits for users as they can route calls to any destination quickly and easily. They also help avoid frustrations for both customers calling and staff members.

Virtual phone systems enable organizations with departments or employees in multiple locations to appear as if they are a large national or global enterprise, without the need for costly physical sites around the world.

Customers don't have to navigate a complex range of numbers to get through to the relevant department. By dialing one primary number, they can easily be transferred to the appropriate virtual extension with minimal effort.

When combined with an auto-attendant, wait times can be reduced as customers will have easy access to the appropriate department through menu options instead of being all sent to one place.

Comparing Standard and Virtual Extensions.

A regular extension provides access to most business phone needs such as local and long-distance calling, concurrent calls, and unlimited inbound and outbound calls. Virtual extensions provide unlimited inbound calls, resulting in lower costs for on-site call forwarding.

A cloud PBX can route extensions off the main phone number. This transfer is done without additional hardware, and they can be held until agents are available. As a result, there is no limit on extensions and customers may be unaware of the transfer absent directional communication from an agent. Furthermore, customers will not detect any difference between a traditional and virtual extension.

Get a virtual phone number that includes extensions. provides virtual numbers that have various features, including virtual extensions, meaning you can direct incoming phone call to different locations depending on the time of day. Thus, allowing customers to access your main business line during business hours and a worldwide call center after hours.

We provide a wide range of virtual numbers - international, national and local - from various countries. These numbers enable customers to call with familiarity, allowing calls to be routed anywhere with the use of virtual extensions.

Our virtual numbers are available for you to use, so take a look and start now.

What is the process for establishing a virtual extension?

When using virtual extensions, a single phone number should be assigned to all employees. This simplifies things for customers, who can choose the number they feel most comfortable with. Calls will then be routed to the correct person. This ensures that you have the ability to answer calls on all phones within the group and devote more time to work without compromising your personal life.

Alternative methods of establishing a virtual extension exist.

Programming a function key to answer calls from a particular extension can be done. For virtual extensions, any user's mode can be set to auto-ring. Setting up a function key will allow incoming calls from all modes the company offers. When running a business, having virtual extensions can be cost-efficient and should be taken into consideration.

You can add a virtual extension to your account.

Begin by logging into the Control Panel.

To add a virtual extension, go to Configure and click Add a User/Extension. Choose Virtual Extension. If you wish the extension to have unlimited monthly calling, check the 'Upgrade this extension' box; note that there is a monthly fee applicable. Finally, click' Add Virtual Extension'.

Your account has been granted an extension, which will appear on the New extension page with its associated settings, such as its nickname, extension number and caller ID.

To configure this extension as a virtual mailbox, you must create a call handling rule that will direct calls to voicemail.

Go to Call Handling Rules in the left-hand menu under Settings. Set whether you want incoming calls to go to voicemail or be scheduled. Select Leave Voicemail as the call handling option and then select the added extension from the drop-down menu. Finally, hit Save Rule Settings.

Calls directed to this voicemail extension will be routed to the Inbox. To learn more, refer to our Voicemail articles. Additionally, you may configure call handling rules to forward calls from this extension to an alternate phone line such as a cell phone or desk phone. You can likewise create a virtual extension in order to use the Limephone Mobile app on iOS devices. For further information, please see How Do I Connect My Mobile Phone to Limephone?


When looking for ways to improve team communication and boost productivity, consider utilizing phone extensions.

Utilizing LimePhone, your team can eliminate the need to spend money on extra phone lines and communicate instantly. This can be beneficial in providing excellent customer service and addressing issues promptly.

LimePhone offers an app-based communication solution for prospecting and customer relations, such as private phone numbers and virtual numbers for businesses.

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