A Guide to Texting Etiquettes

June 20, 2024
A Guide to Texting Etiquettes

A lot of technological advancements took place in the 21st century. The transition of smartphones from the telephone is a great example. To be conclusive- portability and comfort is the crucial factor here- the reason being 98% of the world population owns a smartphone. Despite this, one thing that remained consistent is the way of communication. Texting is still the preferred way of communicating between businesses, households, and others. 

However, many would admit that voice call is the number one in this context. 

But in the latest survey, phone calls are the second most usage of smartphones after text messaging. So, text messages are winning the battle here. Moreover, it has a 99% open rate, far more than voice calls. 

Furthermore, there is a difference between voice calls and texting. In texting, for conveying tones like voice, emotions, gestures, facial expressions, and body language, you need a crucial element- texting etiquette

Texting etiquette is similar to our moral values in real life. Without moral values, our life is like a jungle without a habitat.

A misused emoji, rushed reply, poor punctuation, or jargon can lead to mistaken messages and feelings. So, knowing the etiquette of texting is essential to stand apart in the hearts of your friends, office mates, and family members. So, in this new post, we will explore all those texting etiquettes vital for you both socially and professionally.  

Do’s and Don’t You Should Never Forget while Texting

As promised, here is the definitive guide to texting etiquette. Keep these rules in mind while typing your next text and you’ll never send a bad message again!

Consider your audience

First and foremost, you should be careful to whom you are sending the message too. Is it the friend, family member, or office staff? The tone for these differs from person to person. To send a message to a friend, you can be informal, like using words like a badass, tummy, et cetera. As this won't interfere with your relationship with the targeted person.

However, you should be careful, whether that friend is too close or just an acquaint. It varies accordingly as the use of jargon is proportional to the intensity of friendship you are having with him/her. 

On the other hand, it's always recommended to use formal language while talking to your professional mates. In that case, you should be careful with your words and punctuation. Accuracy is a must in this case. Check your grammar before hitting the send button. 

But while you text your family member, you can afford to be a bit informal, but make sure to be respectful in such a context.

This means you should talk informally, including the respective words such as generously, absolutely, sure, and many others. 


Be Brief

Always remember that texting is not mailing. One of the significant benefits why texting has the highest open rate (99%) is because of its time-oriented factor.

While you do a voice call, you spend unnecessary time in wasteful talking without coming to the point. However, during texting, you simply convey your message. The reason is the intense competition today, resulting in a paced life where everyone has limited time. So, to maintain that messaging protocol, you should be point-to-point, which means always writing what's required other than being involved in unnecessary conversations about other things in life, swaying away from the focal topic. Like you need to invite a friend to the birthday. Instead of writing, 

"With a profound heart, we have cordially invited you to the birthday party of my brother. The time is 6:30 in the morning, and the date is 4th May. Bring all your near ones. The location is at my house."

You should write,

"You are cordially invited to my brother's birthday party. The time & venue are as follows:

4th May at 6:30 PM,

At Wyoming, US State."


This not only looks attractive but saves considerable time for its reader (besides the etiquette of texting). However, as explained earlier, you can be informal in your language here in place of the formal language while sending a message to your office mate. 


Check For Any Grammatical Error

This is the most undervalued yet very crucial point here. Always check the grammar, which includes the tone of voice (active or passive), punctuation, spelling errors, capitalization, et cetera. As this plays a vital role in your expressions and emotions. Like, suppose you are writing a message to your friend about the beach party. Here's the incorrect one:

This Saturday we are joining you at a beach party in Miami Beach. go and enjoy.

Now, here, 'by' is used instead of 'for'. So, the wrong message would be conveyed, which will be, beach party will join us, which symbolizes you are referring to a living being. This error is extremely crucial during formal texting with your office mate. However, it won't worry much if that text is sent to your friend. 


The correct one:

This Saturday, we will join you for the beach party at Miami Beach. Let's enjoy it to the fullest!

The clear message is showing up here, making it understood by anyone, whether a person from a non-English speaking country like Germany. 


Always Make Sure There Is A Clear Purpose Behind Your Message

The subject of the message is extremely crucial here. It should specify the appropriate purpose to the receiver. Common examples include updates, reminders, and scheduled changes. 

Moreover, its relevancy gets increased if sent to your office mate. Let's understand this with a clear example. 

Let's suppose you want to send a daily dose of industry insights and fun facts to your office mate. So, it's recommended that you reserve this message for the internal newsletter rather than sending it on a texting platform. As while you text it, the employee will think it's just a general message, which he won't consider.

On the other hand, if you send a daily dose of industry insights and fun facts via an internal newsletter, the employee will prioritize and read properly; thus, a crucial etiquette of texting


Use Emojis and Abbreviations Wisely

Emojis were invented to bring a personal touch to your brand's message. But if you use them inappropriately, it may result in false information to the receiver. 

While you send the emoji, make sure it resonates with your brand's voice. Also, consider how they can align with your message. 

Like suppose you are sending a birthday message to your friend, you can simply use two emojis, to sum up, the message. On the other hand, if you are sending a birthday message link, better to avoid this. The same goes for the abbreviations as well. Abbreviations are good for office mates but not for your friends. Through abbreviation, you are sending a brief message to the receiver professionally. While the same abbreviation cannot be understood by your friends like B2B, B2C, CRM, et cetera.

However, it goes another way around for your friends in terms of abbreviations, like lmao, idk, LMFAO, et cetera. While you send these to your office mate, it would pose a different perspective to them. It will go against their ethics. 


Be Courteous, Respectful, And Professional

As explained before, the message you send to your friend is different from the way your message is sent to your office mate. You can't send an informal message to them. A certain professional boundary is set. 

You should be crisp, precise, and crystal-clear with your approach while sending the message professionally. 


Be Careful With The Number Of Messages You Are Sending

If you are the one who sends dozens of messages every day to your loved ones, so make sure to end this practice now! As more the number of messages will lead to the less self-respect of yourself. Also, follow this while sending the messages professionally.

If you are sending over dozen messages to your boss every week to be under their radar to boost your professional repo, it would go another way around too! As more the number of messages will lead to fewer open rates, which means that at some point in time, the boss will stop opening your messages, thinking it's a time's wastage. It not only degrades your self-respect but also poses a nasty impression about yourself on them. 

Practice auditing your messages on a regular occasion every week. By keeping track, you are more likely to send fewer messages next time. Thus, leading to more opening rates and enhancing your self-respect nevertheless. Also, with this, what words to use in what way, excluding the jargon (if sending professionally), you can be more efficient in sending precise messages to the receiver. 


Don't Inform Bad News Via Text Messaging

Bad news like the passing away of the closed one or expulsion from the company should be better send over the phone rather than sending over text. This way, you can impart sympathy and compassion to your loved one, due to which, the psychological impact will be less severe as compared to sending it over text messages- one of the key etiquettes for texting


Reply To Message In Identical Word Length

Like, suppose the person is sending you a good morning message. He wrote simply good morning. But getting high in emotions, you send a long tone of message like, "May your life be as shining as the sun, wishing you good morning as well."

In this case, you may not know that the person at the receiving end is in hurry and has less time to read the message. This can result in fewer open rates in the coming time. Another example includes that we are going to the party, and you also come. The total word count here is eight, and you reply to the messages in a long passage. This way, it's simply your time's wastage. 


If The Subject Of Your Message Is Too Long, Better To Call

Typing is considered a most challenging option than speaking. While you text a very long message, you may not know whether the person at the receiving end is deprived of time. 

In such a case, it's better to call him/her directly and convey the requisite message, thus also conveying emotions. 


Choose Your Recipient Wisely

Make sure to check the recipient before hitting the send button. You may not know you are sending a party invitation to the recipient who is at his/her father's funeral. Or it could be another way around, which can be a major blunder and may result in an instant break of a relationship. So, better triple check the recipient's phone number before sending.


Know When To End The Conversation

You don't know whether the person at the other end is interested in your messages. Always perceive ahead when it's time to end the conversation. Suppose, the chatting is getting longer, and the length of the received messages is gradually decreasing; you must anticipate that another person is getting less interested now. In such a case, you should know when to hit the send button right away. Messages like "Are you still there" or "Do you want to talk to me" will just degrade your self-respect.


Always Send The Right Call-To-Action (CTA), Which Is Both Compelling And Precise

The right Call-to-action (CTA) will cause a long-lasting impression on the receiver. Be clear and concise in this approach. Write to the point. Some of the common compelling Call-To-Actions (CTA) include:

  • Start a 14-day free trial
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Learn more
  • Connect with us
  • Pay bill now
  • Send feedback
  • Submit reviews

Final Verdict!

We hope you liked this blog and found it hugely impressive and fascinating as well as informative. Besides all these, there is certainly another etiquette for texting you should follow that we have summed up in brief:

  • Don't text while driving.
  • Don't answer a text when you are engaged in something important. 
  • Consider texting as the conversation. Double-read before hitting the send button.
  • Never be upset when you don't get a timely reply to your message. Moreover, don't anticipate beforehand that the person who is upset is with you. There are chances that the receiver is busy with some very important work. 
  • Don't reply while you are at a movie or a concern; the light of the screen could impact your eyesight. However, it's related to health, but an important point to mention here. 
  • If by mistake you sent a message to the wrong person, better to say "sorry" in your succeeding message. 
  • If you are sending the message to someone who doesn't have your number. Better to include your name in the message, like, "Hi! It's John from your cardio team.”

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